UK maternity photographer

My Approach to Motherhood & Family Photography

I have a true passion for documenting these extraordinary moments in life, focusing on capturing connection and love. I believe that these moments deserve to be immortalised authentically, reflecting you and your family as you are, in your element, —not contrived poses in a studio setting or shaping your newborn into a pretzel for the sake of a flawless photo. 

I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, my aim is for your photographs to resonate as genuine snapshots of a moment in time, ones that you can cherish and pass down through generations. Crafting these subtle yet profound reminders brings me immense joy and fulfilment.

Time moves incredibly quickly, and before you know it they’re not so little anymore. My documentary style weaves together a visual narrative that authentically reflects the tenderness, vulnerability, and profound love that fills your home.

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