Storytelling Wedding and Family photography

Capturing your life moments through heartfelt storytelling.

When I was young, I was branded “the creative one” and my little sister “the brain box” of the family.  While I may have disliked the label as a child, it's my shiny badge of honour now…

I’ve always been deeply in my imagination, creating. From a young age you’d catch me making my own little films and stories and at every family event you’d see me with my tiny digital camera capturing the day. 

I love to document my life as art, taking care to capture my moments, even the ordinary ones. 


My Why...


Before I fell in love with shooting weddings and families, I worked in the fashion industry. I loved editorial imagery, but my love for style didn’t keep me interested in fashion photography…I hated the inauthenticity of it all. The fashion world’s standards of beauty are still very selective and it was difficult to maintain my deep passion for photography without creative freedom.

The second I began shooting real people, telling their stories through my work, the game changed for me. Shooting your moments, big and small brings me ongoing fulfilment and I could never look back. 

Storytelling Wedding and Family photography
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“Photography is by nature a documentary art.” – August Sander.


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My editing style is deep and earthy. I love to bathe my images in browns and greens and golds. I want my images to feel filmic and nostalgic. 

cheshire wedding photographer
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Shooting your moments, big and small brings me ongoing fulfilment



“Liv absolutely blew us away...she was one of the best decisions we made. Her talent speaks for itself, she captured beautiful delicate and emotional moments. She captured everyone as their absolute best self, we wept with joy looking at our gallery.”

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