• Olivia J Morgan

Bronzey Dusk Portrait Session at Bournemouth Beach

This weekend, Lucy braved the late February cold in a vintage slip for our atmospheric portrait session on Bournemouth beach.

Typically during the summer at Bournemouth, it is absolutely heaving, full of holiday-makers with not an inch of sand unoccupied. There’s no amount of Photoshop that can remove the amount of tourists in a shot during the summer, so I felt so lucky to shoot on an almost deserted day.

What I love about shooting on beaches is skin looks AMAZING! Light bounces off everything, so when the light bounces off the tan sand and onto the subject, the skin takes a bronzy/nude tone (In the UK, I find myself shooting on a lot of fresh green grass which can unfortunately create a sickly green tinge to the skin!).

I experimented with flash, but eventually settled with using the natural light available and going super wide with my aperture to create a shallow depth of field which added to the dreamy aesthetic of the images.

I really love the juxtaposition of the feminine elements (Lucy’s slip dress, feminine features and soft photography style) with her masculine wolf cut, black nails and edgy piercings-it feels so natural and authentic to Lucy and her personal style.

For my Lightroom edit, I wanted to push the chocolate-bronze colours and added a slight vignette to add a little bit of mood and atmosphere!

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