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Atmospheric Couple Session at Tatton Park, Cheshire

A few weeks ago I shot with Beth and Mitchell at Tatton Park, Cheshire in the pouring rain.

As part of their package, we planned in a pre-wedding photoshoot on the Sunday. It was forecasted to rain all day but Beth (a self-professed rain lover) was happy to continue with the shoot regardless.

Weirdly, I’m so pleased it rained. Not only did the rain add a moody haze to the images, it also brought out the fun and character in the two.

I learnt that Beth and Mitchell are a very fun (and smiley!) couple and I could see the love and joy they had for one another.

They were completely at ease with each other and it was lovely to capture so many genuine moments between the two.

Beth and Mitchell are tying the knot in Saint Helens this April and I can’t wait.

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